About Us

About Us

Kratom Fiesta USA came about as a life long dream to start an import export business that served all of the USA and World markets.  That dream is now true, and in living color

KRATOM is found in various parts of South East Asia, and specifically our product is grown in Indonesia using private forests, trusted long term relationships with farmers who tend to the trees, plants and leaves.  Our product is hand picked from trees selected for their age, maturity, and quality of leaf produced by it.  It is not harvested by any mechanical means.

Traditionally, Kratom has been used for centuries in the Asian culture for tea, food additive and pain relief.  It is used as a potent pain killer, analgesic and remedy for arthritis, chronic pain, dental work, depression, anxiety, as well as for extra energy and a euphoric lift.  It is served socially at gatherings – so it is a common element in the fabric of society.

The practice of extra or abusive use is a practice we will not support.  Like coffee, alcohol, or cigarettes, which can are are abused, or taken in excess, addiction can occur.  Taken responsibly in moderate doses – 3 – 5g up to 7-9g Kratom is not addictive, but it can be used to excess, which can cause illness, constipation and mood swings.  By excessive I am speaking of use above 20 – 70 total grams per day.  It cannot kill you, even at those serving sizes.  Withdrawal from this high level of usage is unpleasant.  So be good to yourself and use it within the recommended guidelines.

The Strains
Maeng Da
– the most potent Kratom strain.  Like most other strains, it produces 3 separate types of leaves: Red, White, and Green.   Each leaf is endowed with it’s own special qualities which set it apart from the others.
Maemg Da Red Vein

Maeng Da White Vein

Maeng Da Green Vein

Borneo Da Red Vein

Borneo Da White Vein

Borneo Da Green Vein