Fiesta Botanicals Online Store

Fiesta Botanicals Online Store

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Fiesta Botanicals,LLC

providing the finest
in all NATURAL, ORGANIC products
for managing pain and chronic health relief.

without the side effects of synthetic Pharma products.

This is a BULK Wholesale pricing website for KRATOM in KILOS.
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Orders/Questions: +1 770-880-0959:

Pricing RANGES from 300kg down to 1 kg.
When shopping and choosing your purchase..
– please note the NUMBER of kilos changes the PRICE.
The more you buy, the less you pay per kg!
Be sure you are using the right amount of Kilos.

Sample Pack

CBD Oils you can by in a Sample Pack

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Direct from our Indonesian forests to your front door!

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 USA based Kratom distributor for marketing, distribution & delivery
in the USA, Canada and Europe

Payment options:
Wire Transfers
Square Cash
Bitcoin – 10% discount
MoneyGram  * Walmart to Walmart
Money Order
TransFast * . * Direct Bank Transfer
Credit Card acceptance is coming

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WE beat ANY price or tonnage delivery out there!

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Our Kratom products are sold and intended for exfoliate purposes only. Kratom is not FDA approved for consumption. Our products are not used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any sickness or disease.

Places to which we can’t ship Kratom as of today:

Wisconsin                           Indiana
Arkansas              Alabama Vermont
Rhode Island                 Washington D.C.