Until 3 months ago, I had pretty much resigned myself to having Restless Leg Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Hypo-Thyroidism, chronic / clinical depression.  I had many nights of no sleep, or I would take Pramipexole and Xanax – both opioids, which make me groggy in the mornings… Then I found Kratom!!  Since starting kratom, I am able to sleep, not be assaulted by my legs – muscles bunch up and make you want to jump.  No Restless Legs anymore.  I have bottles of Pramipexole and Xanax that are full.  I no longer take them.  My glucose readings are in the normal range. My Blood Pressure is even on the low side. My doctor took me off Furosimide, Spironolactone, lowered my insulin shots, took me off some of my blood pressure meds.  In 3 months, I have accomplished more with Kratom than I have using Pharmaceuticals for the past 20 years.  I have just begun, and can’t wait to see what improves next.  I am so grateful to have found it, I started this company to help others find the same thing!!

Will F.IT ManagerIHGAtlanta, GA

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  1. Michael J Linn

    Bill is one of the good guys in this business. I Was having to deal with shipping from Indonesia to get The highest quality available. But not anymore Kratom Fiesta USA has that consistent quality Kratom I need. Thanks Bill

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    Thank you for your very kind words! I believe every transaction is an opportunity to provide a quality product and experience for each customer. I still believe we can make a difference by doing the best we can do, with each and every action! I am so glad you like the product and had a good experience with Kratom Fiesta USA!!

    Looking forward to serving your health and well being with high quality Kratom, CBD and related products (still yet to be added to the website).

    Bill Fulbright
    Kratom Fiesta USA, LLC

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    Due to a failed back surgery, my wife was on opioids, muscle relaxants, antispasmodics, antidepressants, etc. She kept getting more, more, MORE pharma drugs. Her life was nothing more than taking pills, eating, and sleeping for fifteen years.
    We researched alternatives for pain relief and relaxation for some time. We finally found kratom and experimented with it slowly. My wife is almost completely off of all the pharma drugs now and is experiencing a much better quality of life, which makes mine much better, too.
    I also have used it rather than OTC pain relievers, and kratom is far superior. You can still function normally, but with a certain calm as well as the analgesic effect.
    We tried several other distributors before finding Kratom Fiesta USA. Bill is very helpful with questions and delivers on the goods as advertised. I will be reordering soon and for a larger quantity. My friends that have tried it can see the benefits of kratom. I plan on being a long time customer of Kratom Fiesta USA.

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      Bill C,

      Thank you so much for your testimonial. If it’s ok, I’d like to add it to the testimonial page!

      Bill Fulbright
      Kratom Packer & Shipper

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        Please feel free to share it on your testimonial page.


    I’ve been using kratom for about 3 years now. After I had started having some serious back and neck pains I used a lot of pain medication to help with it and ultimately started having troubles with it. Kratom has helped me a lot since I started. Not only with pain relief but with energy and focus as well. I use certain types as an alternative to caffeine. I love the green maeng da for that. I’m still waiting on a couple other samples to try from kratom fiesta but overall I’m currently satisfied with the quality. The best part was because I’m local I still got the same pricing but didn’t need to wait for shipping I went to meet Bill instead. Hes a very generous person and very down to earth and just wants to help out anyone he can so they can live the best life they can

  5. William a.

    Kratom has changed my life!! No more dragging is from opioids in the morning after having taken what I’m supposed to at night to help handle the pain that I have in my legs and fibromyalgia and my body. I’m so happy that I can have this extra tool! I also enjoy KRATOM during the day by taking some green and Michigan it with a little white and find that I am able to sail through the day with no trouble no jitteriness no crash! It is a very wonderful plant I’m very happy to have found it. Thank you KratomFiestaUSA.com for making this wonderful plant product available to me!

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